Integrated Pest Management

LDCD is involved in a major effort to remove Russian Olive and Salt Cedar. Valuable information on noxious weeds and invasive species can be found here. (You will need to use your back button to return here.)


Here are two .pdf files and a video.

Keeping ahead of Leafy Spurge (.pdf)

Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Benefits Resulting from a Leafy Spurge IPM Program in NE Wyoming (.pdf)

IPM - Leafy Spurge video

Clicking on the video file will run a video program, it will ask you to confirm the action. Right clicking on the video will open a window that will allow you to control the video program.


Russian olive trees were removed from the Eva Knepper Park in Buffalo.  The District contracted to remove, chip, and clean up the area of the invasive trees. This project completed a three year program addressing invasive species management within city properties.

Crazy Woman Canyon

Below left and middle are some before and after photographs of Russian Olive Removal and tree stump treatment on Cemetery Creek. The two pictures on the right are the pond behind the senior center. The top picture was taken prior to the Russian Olive removal and the bottom picture was taken after their removal.

Last Modified on May 14, 2015

Pictures of






Eva Knepper park before (left) and after (left) Russion Olive removal.