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As part of our mission to conserve natural resources, we offer expertise and advice on care of your rangeland, particularly for those new to the region.


Range Programs

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is provided to landowners on grazing management, plant identification, noxious weed problems and types of seeding suitable for conditions.

Crazy Woman Canyon

Several studies have shown that a significant number of sage grouse are lost to fence collisions every year. When startled, these birds take flight and don’t always see the fences in time and collide with the top wire. One way to reduce collisions is to make the fences more visible to the grouse.


BUFFALO FFA STUDENTS HELPED WITH SAGE GROUSE FENCE MARKING by making and installing fence markers. The FAA will have made 35,000 markers before the project is complete and they have already installed them on 6 miles of fence. Click on the picture of the participants (below  right) to read the detailed article on the project.

Last Modified on February 3, 2016

2011 Leopold Conservation Award

This year’s Leopold Conservation Award, went to Ryan Fieldgrove (above left), who ranches in northeast Johnson County. He says his first idea of conservation came when he realized that the most successful ranches seemed to be those with grass left over each year. Read the full article on Ryan’s award winning conservation work here.  Here is a You Tube Video of Ryan Fieldgrove discussing his family's conservation practices on their ranch. These innovative practices include, among other efforts, the use of goats to control the invasive leafy spurge and their participation in a sagebrush restoration program.

Wildlife Escape Ramps

The Lake DeSmet Conservation District is providing FREE wildlife escape ramps for producers enrolled in the Lake DeSmet Conservation District’s SG Enhancement project and the NRCS SGI program.  These easily installed ramps allow sage grouse and other small wildlife to escape from livestock water tanks. For more information on how to acquire the escape ramps, please contact the District office at 684-2526, ext. 4.

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