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The Household Hazardous Waste and Pesticide Collection Day was held May 11th 2013.  Approximately 285 vehicles from Johnson County passed through the line at the fairgrounds.  The Buffalo Recycle Center collected all the E-Waste at their site this year.


LDCD sponsored the 11th Annual cooperative effort for pesticide collection, household hazardous waste (HHW), used oil, used tires, paints, and vehicle batteries for the community with J.C. Weed and Pest, City of Buffalo, J.C. Solid Waste District and J.C. Commissioners.  LDCD covers 80% of the costs, grants cover 10%, and the Powder River Conservation District and the J.C Solid Waste District cover the remaining 10%. Thanks to everyone who participated.


Crazy Woman Canyon

Text Box: 2013 Collections:
E-Waste - 4.89 tons
HHW - 3.89 tons
Paint – 2.14 tons
Pesticides – 1.58 tons
Used Oils – 5.98 tons
Used Car Batteries – 4 pallets.
Overall nearly 19 tons of waste were kept out of the Johnson County Landfill.



The Following Items Can Be Dropped Off at the Buffalo Recycle Center @ 550 Butte St (behind Econolodge).

All Plastics:  Plastic bags, bottles, buckets, food tubs, flower pots, plastic cups and glasses, milk jugs, bubblewrap, Tupperware and plastic sheeting.  The Recycle Center will take any plastic item with a recycle logo and number.  The following are not accepted:  PVC, reinforced nylon tarps, plastic lids, and oil or chemical containers.  Please rinse and remove all metal.

Cans:  All aluminum, tin and steel cans and metal lids.  Please rinse.  No oil or chemical containers are accepted.

Glass:  All food jars and drink bottles, regardless of color.  Please rinse and place metal lids in the metal recycling bins.  Place glass in storage containers located in front of the building.

Paper Products:

· Corrugated cardboard, paperboard, and cardboard tubing (like cereal boxes, shoe boxes and egg cartons), place in Cardboard Slot.

· School and office paper, newspapers, catalogs, magazines, softcover books and hardback books with the covers removed.

· The Recycle Center does not take waxed boxes like milk cartons.

Shredded paper is accepted on the first Thursday of each month.

Hard Styrofoam: 

This includes hard Styrofoam used as packing in boxes.  Packing Peanuts are accepted if they are placed in closed bags.  We are NOT accepting soft molded Styrofoam (usually has a plastic sheeting attached and was molded around an object.

Electronic Waste or (e-waste): 

E-Waste is taken daily during Spring, Summer, and Fall.  During Winter, it will be taken on Saturdays from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.  E-waste is anything that runs on batteries or electricity.  Batteries  are also accepted. The Recycle Center does NOT ACCEPT  large appliances such as freezers, refrigerators air conditioners, washing machines, stoves, etc.  

Please recycle the above materials to keep them out of the landfill and to reduce our need to use limited natural resources to make new items.

The full attachment is here and a printable copy of just the list can be found here.

It is a good idea to check here, on the board WEB site for their latest list.

The Johnson County Buffalo Recycle Joint Powers Board and the LDCD continue to partner in Recycling efforts in Buffalo. The LDCD helped purchase a Styrofoam Densifier so the Recycle Center could offer the recycling of this product as it takes several hundred years to break it down in a landfill. This small machine melts the 3 very large bags into the small bundle you see in the photos. This is then sent to California where it is processed into Under Armor materials or several other items. The three large bags are reduced to one of the blobs in the picture on the right.

Pictures are from the 2012 collection day.