Education Outreach

Educational presentations were made to several groups and organizations during the fiscal year 2012-2013.


This past year’s projects included:

· An informational tour with local elected officials to view and discuss activities of the district.


· LDCD continues to offer an annual Tree Workshop to learn and discuss local tree issues, planting and care of trees.


· LDCD hosted a Rangeland Management Workshop


LDCD continues to reach out to hundreds of children every year through the following formal and informal programs:

World Water Monitoring Day

Soil and Water Stewardship Week

Classroom visits

Buffalo Ag Day

Earth Day

4th Grade Foresters Program

Scholarships  for attendance to the WyRED (Wyoming Resource Education Days)

General financial support for Natural Resource development through Wyoming State 4-H Foundation.


Contact the district at (307) 684-2526 ext 3 for more information.

LDCD works with the youth of the District by sponsoring and assisting in educational workshops that heighten awareness of natural resource issues.


LDCD participates in Buffalo Ag Day to provide students educational materials and instruction on the conservation benefits of tree plantings. Approximately 115 students were given blue spruce seedlings and taught how to plant and care for them and the importance of trees to conservation.  Ag Day was May 9, 2013.


Crazy Woman Canyon

LDCD makes available the educational brochures on integrated pest management of Leafy Spurge.


Provides landowners and users with informational and educational material in utilizing innovative technology to enhance wildlife habitat and address species at risk.


Informs landowners on the value of integrated pest management plans for addressing invasive/noxious weeds.


Provides and disseminate information to landowners/users, resource agencies, groups and local government on energy development issues.


Makes available the Successful Seeding for Sage Grouse in Northeastern Wyomingresource guide for use in urban and CBM development and reclamation efforts.


Continues outreach efforts by providing educational presentations on District projects and activities to various natural resource managers/agencies.


LDCD hosted a Reclamation Workshop to provide information on reclaiming of energy infrastructure and converting CBM wells to livestock water sources.  Topics included reservoir catchment area and watershed size, well perforation and testing, solar pumps and financial assistance.  55 people attended the full day workshop.

Last Modified on November 4, 2014

LDCD supports the 4-H awards program and continues to sponsor conservation educational programs thru 4-H and Wyoming Resource Education Day

Students learning how to plant seedlings at the 2013 Buffalo Ag Day