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Conservation Trees

Clear Creek Middle School students planting trees to replace removed Russian Olives in the City Green Belt

2012  Mature Tree Program Delivery Day

Last Modified on September 2, 2015

The district assisted with many tree disease diagnosis this past spring and summer.  Several new tree problems arose this year throughout the area due to the wet spring and summer.


Due to very limited availability, tree order forms are now only available at our district office, 621 W Fetterman or call 684-2526 ext. 3 for more information.


Lake DeSmet Conservation District also provides assistance with windbreak design and planting tips and guides.


Please check out our newly published  A Guide to the Trees In Buffalo to see what trees are thriving in Buffalo.  The booklets are available at our office free of charge.

Another publication with good information for Wyoming tree owners’ is the Wyoming Tree Owner’s Manual. More good information can be found on Wyoming Tree Information site.

Another very informative publication is “Plants with Altitude” from Barnyards and Backyards - which discusses regionally native plants for Wyoming Gardens.



The Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts (WACD) WEB site has several videos that that will assist you in your tree planting activities. LDCD would like to call your attention to the videos on Living Snow Fences and Windbreaks that can be found at their site.


Here are links to three Colorado State University Nursery Publications that will help with the planning, buying, planting and care of your new seedling trees:

· Planting Guide

· Trees for Conservation: A Buyer's Guide

· Trees for Conservation: Planning, Planting & Care


The South Platte Natural Resource District in Nebraska has created this Weed Barrier Video about how to mitigate Tree Fabric Girdling in Conservation Trees.



426 Mature Trees, over 1000 seedlings, 105 conifer seedlings to 4th Grade Foresters and 98 conifer seedlings to 3rd Graders for Ag Day.


Continued working with local residents to address concerns on treatment methods for Oystershell scale, Needlecast on evergreens and watching for signs of the Emerald Ash Borer which has killed over 50 million trees across the mid-west and was recently discovered in Colorado.