LDCD Board Meetings

Board meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the district office 621 W. Fetterman and are open to the public.

Apr. - Oct - 7:00 pm

Nov. - Mar - 5:00 pm


Welcome to the Lake DeSmet Conservation  District

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Crazy Woman Canyon


Working to conserve and enhance natural resources in Johnson County since 1946.

Address: 621 W. Fetterman, Buffalo, WY 82834 Phone: 307-684-2526 ext. 4

Powder River Basin Reclamation Resources

Here is a link to an information resource for landowners making decisions about the decommission and reclamation of coal bed methane fields

2014 HHW/Pesticide Collection Day

The 2014 HHW/Pesticide Collection Day was held May 31, 2014.  We want to thank the community for their support.  The amounts collected will be posted on our recycling page when available.  To see what can be recycled anytime, please click here

Last Modified on August 26, 2014

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PE AND HDPE (black pipe)

(must be cut into 3’ lengths to fit in bags)





LDCD received an email from a lady whose daughter was doing research about recycling and who came across the LDCD Recycling Page during her research. Her daughter wanted us to know about an article about recycling that she found. She found the article on the Berkey Filters WEB site, it was written by Lynn Taylor who works for Berkey Filters. We agree that it is an article that is worth reading and have a link to a copy of the article here.


Conservation Cost Share Funds

The 2014 LDCD Natural Resource Cost Share Program application packets are available here.

The Sage Grouse Initiative (SGI) is offered in 11 Western states under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and the Wildlife Incentives Program (WHIP).  The purpose is to provide assistance to agricultural producers to implement practices that will alleviate or reduce threats to sage-grouse habitat.  For more information go to  www.sagegrouseinitiative.com.


Looking for information for your new home on the range?

Check out: Range and Wildlife Page and the Buying Johnson County Land Page

The Snow Report is available starting in January

The Natural Resources Conservation Service, Snow Survey main page is here and the direct link to the snow report is here, scroll down until you find the section of the report that you are interested in.



The Lake DeSmet Conservation District is dedicated to the development and implementation of programs to provide leadership and technical assistance for the conservation of Johnson County’s natural resources, agricultural heritage and resource base, to promote the control of soil erosion, to promote and protect the quality and quantity of Wyoming’s waters and all other natural resources, to preserve and enhance wildlife habitat, to protect the tax base and to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of this County through responsible conservation planning.

Sage Grouse CCAA (Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances)  and CCA (Candidate Conservation Agreement)

For more information, contact: CCAA Educational Project Coordinator - Leanne Correll, Sun Agri LLC

4WyomingAg@gmail.com (307)-920-1200


To obtain a copy of the CCAA Information packet including applications, call Wyoming Stock Growers Association at (307) 638-3942 or download from www.wysga.org. You will find much more information on these programs at the www.wysga.org link.

Landowner’s Approach to Umbrella CCAA, Landowner Handbook, Landowner Information Brochure, CCAA/CCA Forms and Templates, CCAA Latest Updates, and CCAA/CCA Education Program Calendar


The LDCD is holding a soil test day for landowners residing within the District.  Soil tests will be offered FREE to landowners for the “routine” Garden and Landscape soils test.

A soil test is the best way to check the growing potential of your garden and/or lawn. You can buy the most attractive plants in the greenhouse or order the best seeds, but they won’t produce the best results if the soil lacks the proper nutrition or the proper qualities soil should have.

The District will serve as a “clearing house” for landowner soil tests.  Please stop by our office and pick up a soil sample bottle with an information/instruction packet on how to collect your soil sample.  It is very important to allow your soil samples to air dry (not in the sun), so give yourself plenty of time for drying prior to returning your samples.  Soil samples need to be returned to the District office by 10:00 AM, Thursday, September 11, 2014 to meet the shipping time frame.  The District office is located at 621 West Fetterman, Buffalo, WY. 

For further information, please call the Lake DeSmet Conservation District office at (307) 684-2526 ext. 4 and ask for Nikki or Kelly.